Courtyard by Marriott Warehouse, Storage Addition
Invaders Bay, Trinidad

Maximizing site development is the basic tenet under which most developers and property owners operate. In the case of this existing Courtyard by Mariott facility the problem faced was the dire need for additional storage and inventory space as the existing allocation was woefully inadequate for the facilities operational needs. To compound this dilemma the existing site was extremely limited with regards to its capacity to expand. Severe site constraints added another level of complexity as to how this problem would be resolved. Lastly the solution would have to be constructed without interfering with the daily operations of the establishment and the duration of the construction period would have to be kept to a strict minimum.
Taking all these factors into consideration our primary objective was to first design the methodology and sequencing of the project before actually designing the structure. We began by envisioning a design that negated the need for foundation excavation and sub-soil works thus eliminating time. This idea manifested itself in the form of a thickened ground floor slab that would also serve as the foundation and also be structurally compliant with all design codes.