How We Think

October 21, 2016


GSAL Designs LTD is a design office conceived on the idea of a Studio, solving complex problems through the process of design. The objective of the process is to triumphantly arrive at a solution as client oriented Architects, Designers and Urban Planners. Our response to a problem is adaptive and decisive and we function to aid the client in the success of their project. Architecture is a dynamic discipline and it is paramount that GSAL Designs LTD utilizes all available technology, innovation and methods to provide our clients with the most current and highest standard product.

The challenge of design in our Caribbean context and by extension the Tropical Regions, is always unique and means addressing a variety of nuances. Climate, Geography, History, layered on context are important to understanding each project regardless of the typology. Using predominantly locally available skills and materials, GSAL Designs LTD ascribes a Tropical Contemporary attitude to client driven projects. Our promise is that, as thinkers, our process and approach to your project is always geared to positive results.

Architecture has an element of taste to its palette, and as culinary enthusiasts we like to believe that “Well done isn’t rare”.

At GSAL Designs LTD we focus on renovations & new builds that represent contemporary and modern architecture in Trinidad and Tobago.