Pigeon Point Beach & Windward Bay, Antigua
Master Plan
Design Development

Our concept for the Pigeon Point & Windward Bay development was to create luxury resort consisting of high end accommodation spread over beach front bungalows, cabanas, eco-villas, single family residential property and multi-family residential property. The development will also host hotel/ conferencing facilities, in addition to retail/ community spaces and beach/ recreational facilities.

The development will be split into two phases, phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 will be located on the lower section of the development and phase 2 on the upper section.

The development will include:

Beach Facilities
Beach facilities will include; Restaurants, bars, boardwalks, exclusive access to tenants/ homeowners only, recreational play areas for children, passive landscaped garden areas with water features, commercial kiosks, retail shops

Hotel/ Conference Centre
Main luxury hotel with 250 room accommodation. The hotel accommodation will feature both sea views and inland views. All rooms will have private balconies and feature unprecedented
luxuries second to none. The hotel will also feature a fully equipped conference centre including ballrooms, banquet rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms.

Over the water bungalows
This is a primarily new concept that is beginning to take ground worldwide. We propose a series of cabanas set in the water that will be accessible by a boardwalk. To protect the cabanas from potential rough seas we will create a natural breakwater that will diffuse any potential hazard. Since the site is located on the leeward/ sheltered side of the coast it will be an ideal addition to this one of a kind development.

We are also proposing inland cabanas that will offer a very eco-friendly options for couples and short stay visitors. The cabanas will be tucked into the gardens surrounding pools/ water features.
All cabanas will be filled with natural light. High ceilings and cool tile floors create a spacious yet intimate feel to these rooms which are ideal for couples or small families. Some of these rooms can be interconnected to create a two-bedroom suite.

Our villas will boast a variety of options ranging from 4 bedroom layouts to 8 bedroom layouts. All villas will have pools and hot tubs with easy walking access to the beach. They will all offer unparalleled panoramic views whilst maintaining privacy and comfort. These properties will be ideal for long term rentals and rentals with large families or traveling parties.

Single Family Residential Properties
Land will available for purchase for persons wishing to make their home here in this exclusive resort. Land sizes vary from 18,000 sq.ft to 24,000 sq.ft and clients will be able to choose from a selection of design options to suit their individual needs. Each property owner will be able to take a virtual walkthrough of their residence prior to purchase to ensure that the design suits their specific needs.

Multi family Residential Properties
This townhouse option will be available to persons wishing to own property here without the issue of maintenance. Townhouses will range from blocks of four to blocks of six that will offer two to three bedroom options respectively. Each will have their own private garden area and will all boast the same luxurious standard found throughout the rest of the development.

There will be private docks available for persons with their own watercraft. Support amenities for the watercraft will also be available such a refilling stations, maintenance areas and storage areas.

Retail/ Community spaces
In order to supply this exclusive community with everyday living resources we have planned an extensive commercial sector that will be able to support the residents here. Resources such as rental car agencies, supermarkets, drug stores, cafes, restaurants, clothing outlets, medical clinics will all be located in this area, which will be a viable business option for persons wishing own their own business in this community.