Poui Hill Residence
2017 - Present
Single Family Residential
Single Family Residential
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Under Construction

The property is located in an area with privileged views of both Port-of-Spain and the Caribbean Sea. With this in mind, the design opens up to capture the scenery, overlooking the valley from all the spaces in the house, integrating the interior with the exterior by the use of large floor to ceiling doors and windows.

The house consists in 3 levels, The upper level is used for the access and roof top viewing. This access is through a driveway, which allows for the disguising of the Main Entrance from the road. The scheme of the house wraps the house in an “L Shape” to maximize the views and also to create an internal patio/garden between the structure and the land, This enables the design to incorporate natural light to the spaces at the back and also to allow for cross ventilation when the AC system is not in use.

Emphasis was made on the social spaces throughout the design, they are open to the recreational/exterior areas. The infinity edge pool is located in the corner of the site, as a focal point in the house its location allows the property edge to also vanish into the remarkable vistas.